Electricity Testing
Transformer breaker, Switch wire, Fuse tool, Diode voltage, Drive controller, Belt gear, Analyzer test, Compatible oxygen, Ferrites gray
Maintenance & Repair (MRO)
Adhesive glue, Floor carpet, Motorola charger, Magnets neodymium, Firefighter handcuff, Refrigerant leak, Enerpac fittings, Lighting bulb, Catalog user, Container hoist, Submersible ridgid, Respirator sign, Ametric keyless, Foster holes
Production & Manufacturing
Drill carbide, Acrylic mixer, Scrap formed, Stereo trinocular, Sewing watch, Tungsten electrode, Wood veneer, Rusty number
Health Related Industry
Dental handpiece, Ultrasound medical, Sanyi acuson, Centrifuge laboratory, Pipette graduated, Stryker endoscopy, Welch allyn, Slit therapy, Anatomical syringes, Sticks sticky, Bottles games
Office Supplies & Peripherals
Microfilm microfiche, Laminating laminator, Desk file, Pencil avery, Transparency presenter, Avaya polycom, Trade show, Handset telephones, Inventory velcro
Bathroom closer, Garage durobeam, Trimble leveling, Mining panning, Mens suspension, Caterpillar komatsu, Deere john, Venting ridge
Printing & Plotting
Numbering bookbinding, Windmill offset, Vastex coater, Inserter streamfeeder, Hydrographic hydro, Designjet funny, Agfa imagesetter, Pantone densitometer, Foil stamping, Letters interlocking, Iphone hamada
Retail Service Industry
Swooper windless, Cissell wascomat, Bracelet necklace, Tagging barbs, Mannequin dress, Cash money, Slatwall pegboard, Theft checkpoint, Collapsible trolleys, Unlock canada
Agriculture & Arboriculture
Tree climbing, Raven garmin, Cattle livestock, Aermotor farm, Seeds fresh
Light Machinery
Sullair quincy, Norgren lubricator, Impact aircraft, Demolition jackhammer, Wacker compactor, Decorative texture, Vibrator next, Corded drywall, Taping stilts, Onan hours, Kohler flywheel, Scarifier segment, Knockout chalk, Steinel leister, Forced heaters, Dump venco, Hakko desoldering, Cement stucco, Coating coat, Benders flaring, Threader dies, Actuated ramset, Dremel plunge, Edger aleko, Reciprocating stihl, Scaffold scaffolding, Miss stratton, Nicd nicad, Parking ldpe, Chest lista, Zenith bypass, Trencher ditch, Sling endless, Lowest rear
Food & Catering
Beer coffee, Food pizza, Concession enclosed, Advertising inflatable, Serve yogurt, Melamine serving, Waist waitress, Popcorn cone, Recipe thai, Vinal sushi
Delivery Business
Shielding reclosable, Dropper flint, Peanuts moving, Desiccant packets, Park clasp, Fragile aviditi, Neopost hasler, Bundle boutique, Reinforced duck, Postage postalia, Cartons sweets, Postal pelouze, Shrinkable polyolefin, Telescoping lengths, Monster trucks

Business news

Superstar burger chef credits prison for his success

March 1, 2018:
"Some of the customers I see so often that I already know what they're ordering, just by the way they're standing and looking at me," says Purifoy. Purifoy opened 15th & Chris in September 2014 and in less than four years, he's become a local culinary celebrity. The no-frills operation offers no indoor seating, just a few picnic tables out front. But people come from miles around for Purifoy's burgers.

Folding satellites: How origami inspired a 'space geek'

March 9, 2018
A British startup has come up with a novel way to reduce the amount of space needed to send structures into orbit. Oxford Space Systems (OSS) was founded in 2013 by Mike Lawton, a self-confessed "space geek who grew up on a diet of Star Wars and Star Trek. " OSS designs and manufactures deployable antennas and structures for satellites. It has its own proprietary material, which it says is lighter and takes up less stowage than materials traditionally used in space technology.

As Whole Foods merges with Amazon, local suppliers watch and worry

February 19, 20
Treats from her bakery Whisked, then based out of a Washington, D. C. , incubator for food startups, sold so well in the first store that more stores started calling. Huntsberger's products would eventually be sold in about 15 Whole Foods locations, and she had to move into a bigger space in order to meet the demand.